Busy Week

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OK, here is the run down.  I was sick Wednesday and went to the DR.  This cough has been lingering for weeks, and I wanted to see what was uop.  Nothing really to report on that.  I am OK.  I needed the rest that day as well, and had Brass band rehearsal in the evening.  It was a little interesting because the sceery changed just a bit.  We were at  a local HS, instead of our regular location.  The space was much bigger and it felt good to be able to spread out, and not go deaf in the rehearsal.

I did manage to visit a couple schools this week and help them wit the music for upcoming concerts.  I made comments at Sanderson HS and I rehearsed the bands at Cedar Ridge.  I enjoyed going to both places, and hope I made some comments that were helpful.  In addition to this, there were rehearsals in the evening for the Tar River Symphonic Band in Rocky Mount.  This made the last few days long.  I like playing in that band, but this concert was very frustrating.  Even still, I like playing in the tuba section with Tim Byrum.  He is an excellent tuba player and we get along great. Thats about all the positive I can pull out of it.

Tim was selling off his CD collection and had a lot of tunes I didn’t, so I bought some cd’s from him.  I am going to get them on my iTines today, I hope.  I love having a huge iTines collection.  I am at 43 GB right now.

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