My Wednesday

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In the morning I filled in with the NC Symphony on and educational concert at Meymandi. They packed the kids in there. Grant Llewellyn conducted the program, and this was the first time I have played for him. He has been Music Director here for 4 or 5 years now, and every time I have played, it has been the associate conductors or a guest conductor. Strange. He did come up to me ind introduce himself, and was very nice. It easy to see why everyone likes him and why the community embraces him like they do. Oh, he is a fine conductor as well, and the EDU show went really well. He is pretty good with the kids.

After the gig, it was off to NCCU to teach lessons there. When that was done, I went home, looked at some scores before brass band, then went to brass band. After rehearsal I went out for drinks with a couple members which was a lot of fun. That was Wednesday.

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