The White House

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Lately, I have been fascinated by the White House.  I have been watching documentaries about its history and the new one with Mrs. Bush was really nice.  It was really cool to see a lot of the places that are off limits to the public, and to see how real the place actually is.  In the quest, I used the internet to find out more about the joint, and there were floor plans, historical floor plans, pictures, information about the renovations and more.  Fascinating stuff for a history buff such as myself.  Well, the White House website got a facelift today, and it is current with Obama-nation all over it.  Not only is it a great resource for historical facts, but it appears to also be a good place to keep up with what the administration is currently up to.  If it’s like my blog, you will hear about shit every few days becasue not much happens here in the Blue House next to the dump.   Maybe they will have an intern or three keeping it up to date more regularly.  Here is the link to see:

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