Inauguration Day Happenings

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Today is an interesting day to say the least. Its weird to think about some of the parallels of history. Yesterday was Martin Luther Kings celebrated birthday, and today Obama is sworn is as President. The Youth brass bands had extra long rehearsals because the schools were out for the holiday. It has been a tradition to do the clinic that day, and I brought in some good people to run sectionals. Its been a while since I have done this, even though I know I should do it more. The excuse is space… there is rarely enough space for us to split up into sections, and its a lot of work and burden to make it happen. It did so much positive stuff for us that I will make sure we do that in the future, no matter the pain it causes me. The TYBB made a lot of progress in its long rehearsal. Same with the TYBE. I am very pleased that everyone took the day in the spirit needed and worked hard to make some forward progress.

Then, something strange happened here in NC.  SNOW!!!!  There is close to 7 inches of snow on the ground here, which has not happened at least since I moved into my current residence, which was almost four years ago.  Schools canceled, babies sacrificed, stores sold out of milk and bread, and the impending Armageddon came.  I may or may not teach some brave soles who come to their lessons.  I am fine if they stay home and be safe, and have fun in the snow.  I want to soak in the great events of the day.

I watched the Inauguration on TV, and I am about to watch the parade when it kicks off.  I feel for the musicians that are playing in DC, outside in that cold today.  The Marine Band sounded stellar, as usual, and the Army Herald Trumpets had some NASTY fanfares to play, and did well.  I would not wish that work on anyone.  I know several people that are going to be lugging sousaphones down Pennsylvania Avenue today, and I wish them the best, and hope that at least one of them steps in horse manure (especially Tom).

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