Branford on Students

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Marsalis is not going to mince words. He, and his brother Wynton say it like it is (or as they see it). Here is a video clip about what he thinks of what he has learned from his students.  I like the fact that he comes right out and says what he thinks.  I am not sure I would feel so good if I were one of his students… however, if I were, I know I would make darn sure I wasn’t doing what he says his students do.

I do not share this exact view about my students entirely. Most of my students are probably a lot younger than his, so it may be a different thing entirely. I don’t put blame on my students, but I do not think the problem is that they do not work hard all of the time. The problem is that they want to do too many things, and have too little time to devote to practicing. Add to that a basic lack of understanding time management, and the conflict that taking all AP classes and their work load is the only way to be successful in life, and us music people should be thankful that these kids spend any time in music at all.

Kids have to find their own path.  When it sinks into them that music is something they should spend more time at, they will.  We have to try to inspire them to get to that point.  I try very hard to make music something they can not live without.  Either as a musician or a lawyer, or a gas station worker.

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