Gran Torino

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I went to the movies last night, something I rarely do.  Clint Eastwood’s new movie Gran Torino is amazing.  Just when you thought that only Mel Brooks could put out a movie so racially charged with inflamatory language, here comes Dirty Harry.  The movie is simple, and has a lot of socialogical scenerios involved in it, and makes a pretty good statement about getting old, dealing with demons, neighbors, changing times and generations, and different cultures… as well as acceptance.  The use of racial slurs is so over the top its simply funny these days, because people just don’t talk like that anymore (I hope).  It comes from a time when your race was all that mattered, and it defined who you were.  Your Ethnicity is less important no that 50 years ago.  Thats progress, even if we are not all one, yet.

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