Rat Race

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OK, I have been on a break.  Not so much going on during the holidays, which was by design and needed.  Its been so busy since July, that having a couple weeks to chill and catch my breathe was nice.  I needed to get some things done around the house, and my main project was my office.  I bought a new desk and put it together, re-arranged the furniture to create more space and to try to get a little more organized.  There is more space, and I like the place a bit more, but I am not a lot more organized.  Maybe that will happen the next break.

I have been watching some football, both Pro and college bowl games.  I am very happy that my CATS beat ECU in the Liberty Bowl.  I love it when they win.  I am bummed that the basketball team lost to U of L tonight, and I hope they can keep working and getting better for the tournament so they can do some damage then.

I need to get into some new things that are going to happen, or I am going to try to make happen for the new year.  I am still working on the details about some things, and easing back into the rat race, which starts tomorrow.  So, break is over, and it is time to get busy again.

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