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My inbox is sitting at 48 right now.  When my inbox is filled like that, there is a lot of stuff to take care of.  I am plugging away at it, but I am not sure how much progress I will make today.  In a few minutes I have to punt on it for the day, and pull the tuba out to warm up, then get some lunch, teach some lessons and go to Tarboro for a symphony concert.  Yesterday I took my truck into the shop, and had to rent a car for the day.  There was a nasty sound coming from my truck Tuesday evening, and it was bad enough to listen to it and act.  It turns out that there was something stuck in my tires, maybe in the tread, that was making the noise.  No big deal.  However, upon looking at the tires, they had severe dry rot on the sides, and could blow out at any moment.  So, I now have four new paws on my truck.  Ate up a good part of morning today.

Got it down to 17, time to eat.

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