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I am sitting on the bus waiting to go to Goldsboro for holiday pops with NC symphony. We have a few minutes before the bus takes off so I am going to write in. Lots going on this time if year. The youth brass bands are up and running now. We started a little late this year by about two weeks or so. Both bands are doing well although we are in need of percussionists that are really good. I do think the bands will do well this year and I am looking forward to all of the cool things that are planned.

TBB is getting close to their next concert and is sounding pretty good. With only two rehearsals left we are cutting it close in the preperation dept. Integrating this concert with brassmas should help with a large crowd in the audience.

Brassmas is having issues as well. The quintet I had been working to get fell through last week so I am now trying to get a group together of local guys and it is not easy.

Gene Pokorny did a recital that was on live radio and I was lucky enough to hear a recording of it. It was very good. How rare it is for the tuba to be featured like that.

Bus is rolling. Holiday pops time.

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