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The election is all but over. Obama is the winner, and I am happy about it. I am so glad that we will go in a new direction. I am going to bed now, and NC has still not officially been called. It appears Obama is ahead here by 20,000 votes, but it has jumped back and forth all evening. NC is a very Republican state, and went overwhelmingly Democrat in this election. Senator Dole was ousted, and we have a Dem. Governor. It is a good day for America, as we can now begin to see a future that has the HOPE of going in a different direction. Maybe it isn’t the most ideal direction, but it is surely going towards the shallow end, rather than heading deeper into the abyss. This does not mean I voted for Obama, necessarily. I am mostly a Libertarian, and I think I will still be infuriated by anyone’s policy that interferes with my desire to be left the heck alone.

Vote Yes for the FAIR TAX!!!!!

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