Cary Band Day Parade

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I went to watch the parade this morning and recorded some of the bands on my iPhone.  I leave no comments about how they sounded, only the files of what they sounded like as they passed me.  I was about 30 yards before the judging area.

Athens Drive HS Band

Broughton HS Band

Green Hope HS Band

Middle Creek HS Band

Jordan HS Band

Wakefield HS Band

West Johnston HS Band

I also had Apex HS, but I lost the file somehow.  Here are a couple of warm ups with the North Lincoln HS Brass section when I did a clinic with them in early October:

North Lincoln HS Brass 1, North Lincoln HS Brass 2

I am going to the evening show at Cary Band Day here in a little bit.  Maybe I will catch some shows on my iPhone and put some up.

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