Election Mania

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Well, NC is getting steamed up for this election.  Obama looks to have NC in the bag, which is interesting because tNC is always a Republican state when it comes to Presidential elections.  The last president was so band, and yes he carried NC both times, that the state is going Democrat for this one.  I am glad because I felt like my vote didnt count last time, and this time it does, becasue it joins in with all of the other Bush haters that want a real guy in there to fix Bush’s wrecking of our country.

Even more interesting is the US Senate race here between Kay Hagen and Elizabeth Dole.  Dole ran a horrible ad calling Hagen godless, and Hagen has filed a lawsuit.  The tactics of this are same old Republican smear bullcrap, and it is going to backfire on Dole, big time.  This is a new election, and that crap just doesn’t cut it.  Dole’s problem is that she didn’t really do anything FOR NC.  She is too closely aligned with Bush, and thats why she will lose to hagen.  That, and the latest tactics to smear her.

What gets me the most, is who really cares if she is godless or not?  Is a godless person incapable of representing the people of NC, or any state, OR our country?  NO!!!  Lets say, for the sake of argument, that I was godless.  Does that mean I am not capable to teach the tuba, or play the tuba, or to conduct a brass band, or even to type a blog.  I know what I know, I do what I do, and it has nothing to do with whether or not I have a god, or the same god that you have.  Our right in this country is to be free from religious persicution, which includes the right to NOT have a religion.  When we all wise up and take people on their merits, and not on their religious background, color of their skin, sexual orientation, or any other trait that has nothing to do with the job at hand?

I don’t like to talk politics that much, so enjoy this rare treat on the blog.

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