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UK won Saturday and is 4-0.  They play Alabama this week and could catch Bama sleeping, after taking down #3 Georgia.  Lets hope so.  The Redskins beat the Cowboys and are 3-1.  With the Eagles losing, they are now 2nd in the NFC east, the toughest division in the NFL.  I love it when my teams win.  I love that Bama is ranked #2 now, and that Florida, Tennessee and Southern Cal all lost.  UNC had a good win against Miami as well.

Saturday was the real beginning of the marching band competition season.  Garner went to Clayton and did OK.  They have about two weeks of cleaning before they are solid, but will get there.  They werre 2nd i their class.  Sanderson went out last weekend and had a good run.  I went to SHS Thursday to clean up some music and it made a huge difference this week.  They were at Panther Creek and swept their class, came in 2nd overall.  This is not normal for them.  I watched bands all evening, enjoying it all.  Sanderson was the first band to come on that really let the audience have it.  The brass really filled it up, and made quite an impression.  really good job for them.  Green Hope was last on and they were awesome.  Best show they have ever done.  It is not so hard that it will never be clean, and they can achieve a lot with it.  By far the best band of the day.

I upgraded my iPhone to the new 3G. I admit, I have to have the latest.  It really is an improvement on the old one, though.  I will sell it… It is a iPod Touch now.

I will visit several school this week recruiting for brass band auditions.  I really hope it helps to generate some enthusiasm and we get a really good turn out for auditions.  I need for people to start signing up for auditions very soon.

I need to spend some time on my motorcycle before the weather breaks and it is too cold for me.

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    Nathan said:
    October 1, 2008 at 7:31 am

    Hey dude – note who the Bass Trombonist is playing with at the 8 PM Recital:

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