Cornet Hooray!!!

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So, a couple weeks ago, the Triangle Brass band cornet situation was very unsteady.  That is fixed now, I believe.  I have auditioned all of the people that were in sub status and offered membership to people to fill in the cornet section.  We now have:

6 Solo Cornets
1 Killer Eb Cornet
2 Repianos
3 2nd cornets
3 3rd cornets

Out of that, we should have enough to cover the parts at every rehearsal.  I hope.  I feel much better about this situation now.  We have one tenor horn opening that is not critical to fill.  We have 2-3 tuba openings that are critical to fill.  Quality is a must, here.  We need some solid tuba players to join.  We could also stand to get one more percussionist to join as a full time member.

So, the personnel issues are working themselves out, which will only make the band stronger.  A lot of effort is going into this aspect of the band.  So far, the experience is very positive and the future looks very good for the TBB.

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