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I wonder if a lot has happened in the last week?  Let’s see.  Regular lesson schedule, went fine.  Wednesday at NCCU was not very productive.  1 out of 4 students taught.  Rain on Tuesday meant another three hour music rehearsal block inside at Garner HS.  They need to be on the field now, not inside.

I stopped by at Panther Creek HS to talk to the brass stuents about the youth bands.  I am going to Cedar Ridge HS, Sanderson HS and Middle Creek HS this week, and Enloe HS and Green Hope HS next week.  I am offering to do a short brass clinic if they give me some time to talk about the youth bands and recruit them.  I hope this pays off and we get a lot of people to audition and participate in the bands this year.

TBB started our music for the next concert.  While most of it is rather easy, there are three big tunes that will require some fast learning and imporvement.  Mars, from the Planets, Moorside Suite, and the Epic Themes of John Williams.

I didn’t spend much time near the computer this past weekend.  A good friend from college came to town for her sisters surprise birthday party.  We hung out and had a good time catching up and stuff.  The party was at a newer joint in Raleigh called Solas, which had a rooftop bar area with sectioned off areas you can reserve to hang out in.  It was very nice, but got very crowded.  I am not a crowd kind of guy, and aside from Carole and Erin, knew no one at the party.  Everyone was very nice, and I did meet some nice people.  The surprise part was classic.  Erin was shocked and it was very cool to see.  So, it was a relaxing weekend with good friends.

OK, so now it is on to another week.  Lessons yesterday, garner today and TWE rehearsal tonight.  I have to prepare my brass band music for Wednesday night, and visit schools Thursday and Friday.  Saturday I will go watch a marching band competition, as a spectator.  I have not done that in such a long time.  I will be stalking potential youth band brass players, though.  ON breaks and stuff, I will go around the stands and recruit people to audition.

I think that should cover it for now.

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