I Wish

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I wish Gustav would have destroyed LA and MS and TX.  They were prepared, rather, over prepared, and for nothing.  The media spent a week scaring the crap out of the country about it, and its too bad there was no pay off for all the hype.  Maybe there will be better luck with Ike this week in TX.

I wish Aaron Rodgers would have choked, and fallen on his face Monday night.  He played very well, and shut up a lot of people this week about if the Packers should move on from Favre.  I am bummed.  If he sucked, the Favre stuff would never end, and the drama there would intensify, and I want to see hte Packers implode because of this.  Doesn’t appear to happen now.  Sad!!!!

I wish the Redskins could win!!!

I wish everyone would shut the hell up about Beannie Wells at Ohio State.  If OSU loses to USC this week, it will be because USC is a better team, not because some loser named Beannie wasn’t full strenght.  Why can’t they just call him Chris?  What kind of a name is Beannie?  Thats stupid.  OSU laid an egg against OU last weekend.  Who could blame them.  They probably were not focused on that game, understandably.

I wish everyone would lay off Vince Young of the Titans.  Support your team!!!!  TN sucks, and TN fans suck, too!!!

I wish Tom Brady’s replacement kicks ass, and leads the Patriots to an undefeated season.  It would be funny to see who is the Pats QB next year if that happens.

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