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OK, here we go.  What seemed like a good situation, and solid start to the brass band season has quickly crumbled.  Our first concert, which is in two weeks, is in serious cornet trouble.  From the roster of nine cornet players, only four are playing this concert.  In the last ten days the situation has worsened, and we have more subs in the section now than members.  We are out of subs, and out of time to find them and get them to rehearsal.  I am shuffling players around the best that I can, however, if we have ony more cornet players back out of this concert, we wimply go short.  I did my best to keep the front row full, but I can’t keep it that way.  I now have to strip one from the front and move to the back.  This now puts extra stress on the front bench.  When we started the season, I had commitments to play and sub from 16 cornet players.  I have to say that this is an area that has to be improved upon if this band is going to surviv e.  Yes, it does matter that you are there.  Yes you are needed at everything.  Yes, Yes, Yes, it does hurt the band when you are not there.  moreso when half the cornet section is not there.  This makes my first concert with the band less positive, and possibly very shakey.  We, meaning I, can not be successful without more teamwork here.  The longer it takes to solve this, the longer it takes for the TBB to be great.

I am going to make it work, somehow.  I am calling in favors I did not want to call in yet, but we have to have a solid band in performance.

On the flipside-  College football is back, and it was a great weekend to watch it.  I love watching football on my new TV.  The CATS are going to have it rough this year, with such a young quarterback.  Tenn, Louisville will be in the same boat.  I still hate them both, and I am glad we are already in the victory column with a win over UL.

The ACC is a joke.  NC State laid an egg, VT laid on it, UVA warmed it up a bit, and Clemson swallowed it whole.  APP St. ain’t nuthin’ either.  Don’t mess with the SEC when you are ACC or worse.  They know football in the South.

I am sick to death about OSU’s Chris Well’s injury.  It is covered as if it is more of a tragedy than Hurricane Gustav.  ESPN must get their jollies saying the name “Beannie” or something, cuz it is not that big of a deal.  OSU is still good without that dude.  Gustav was a big deal for nothing.  Anyone not see that coming?  Oh my god, run for your lives, the end of the world is coming… Give me a break!!!!

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