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Here is a clip of two dancers from the TV show So You Think You Can Dance. I wanted to bring up an interesting topic with this. Why is this art, and why is it good? I am no expert in dance. I never studied it, but I am fascinated by dance, especially ballet. I am not sure why, maybe because I can’t, at all. So, what is it? The song is a really good song, with plenty of emotion already built in to it. The choreography was brilliant, putting motion in and pacing it to enhance the music in just the right places. This is the best kind of art, because it is so easy to find that emotional connection with this piece when you see it. Not just the first time, either. Every time you watch it, you can connect with it. It has that balance and innate trigger to the human soul which sets this routine apart from the many others on the show, as well as standing by itself as a work or art.

You also can not ignore the performers in this piece. I would be willing to bet the girl in this piece could be a fantastic actress. Her facial expressions sold it to the audience right from the beginning. Maybe not the best hip hop dancing ever (like I would know), but certainly convincing enough to connect with the audience on an emotional level, which is the main point of true art. When the combination of genius design and expert performing come together, in any discipline, you have a recipe for artistic success.

I think it is more difficult to make this happen when you take away one of the elements, say, the visual. This is what musicians have to work with, and is the true test of a great musical group. To make that emotional connection to/for an audience using just the sense of hearing. I think when you combine the senses, you can make the connection faster and easier (provided it is good, or course), so the single musical element must be even stronger. When it does happen, there really is no greater feeling in the world. I am glad I have 1) performed when this happens, 2) been in an audience when this happens, and most important 3) CREATED this in performance as the leader of an arts group. Its worth all the work and effort to experience it with the people around you, and helps make the youth brass band a really good experience and creates a great bond with the students.

Enjoy True Artistry here:

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