First Night

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Tonight was my first rehearsal as Music Director of the Triangle Brass Band, and it went really well.  Had a near full band, and some unexpected holes.  There was a nice energy and excitement with the members, and everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoyed playing.  I am so glad this is the way it is going.  They even applauded for me at the end of rehearsal.  I appreciate that.  I am sure it wont last though.  Maybe it will, hahaha.  Nothing we are playing on this program is really hard, and the band read through it with relative ease tonight.  This is good because it will leave room to dig in and clean up the small details that will make the large difference.

The organization is in a strong place right now.  There are some great, dedicated people working behind the scenes help to make this a great band and organization and I can not thank them enough.  We are off to a wonderful start.

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