Good to be Home

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After a week in Lincoln County, I am now home.  It has been an exhausting four weeks of marching band camps, but I feel that the kids responded well to what I was teaching them and a lot of good foundation work was set for their seasons.  North Lincoln has a solid hornline and they were a lot of fun to work with.  They sound really good.  I really like working with Neil Underwood and his kids.  Of note here, his tuba section is really strong.  Good for them.  They may have felt that I ignored them, but I simply didn’t have to say anything to them because they did everything so well.

I have been watching the Olympics every night as I fall to sleep, and can not help but be amazed at some of the things going on there.  First of all, Michael Phelps is spawned from a dolphin.  They cut of his fins at birth.  The 100 Butterfly last night was possible one of the most awesome and close races of all time.  Touching out by one one hundreth of a second?  Cripes, it cant be any closer, can it?  His lead he gave the relay team early in the week was impressive, but this topped it.  The girls gymnastics individuals was pretty amazing as well.  After all of the sub par performances in the team competition, the game was so different in individual.  Those kids have no team concept…hahahaha.  They certainly did kill their landings like they didnt in the team competition.  Time for the track and field now… and Phelps goes for number 8 tonight.

This weekend is rather light in work, just some planning stuff to take care of.  Brass band starts rehearsals this week which I am really excited about.  NCCU starts this week as well, and I have a couple of gigs next weekend.  The rat race is officially started.  It looks to be pretty busy until Christmas.

Oh, the fish survived a long week.

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