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The summer has seen a bit of organizational work put into the Triangle Brass Band.  First thing I set up was the season schedule for the next two years, which is pretty solid, and I like the plan.  lately I have been working on Repertoire for the season and I have it mostly in place for the season.  There are a few holes to fill in, but it should be a very exciting year musically.

I have been working very hard dealing with personnel, trying to make sure all seats are full and we have quality players.  There has been a few unexpected openings in the band due to life circumstances, and I have solved them with good, solid players.  Right now, I have a full band in the brass, and I am struggling to find percussionists to commit to our schedule and want to be members of the band.  I think it will be a long year trying to get players to cover parts, but I will stay at it to find some players.

The season starts in about a month, and the band is pretty busy through December.  I am excited to get going with it.

The Youth Band season has been planned for a while, so I have not done much with that.  I will write the audition solo in the next week, and get them posted to the website.  Auditions for the TYBB and TYBE are November 9-10, which is a few weeks later than we usually audition.  Jon Caldwell will be back again as the TYBE Conductor.  It is my hope to do better in recruiting once marching band season has ended.  I believe the Youth Band is a strong program and has many benefits for young players.

Thats the latest on brass band here in the Triangle.

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