Stand By Me

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Today was a Stand By Me adventure.  In the movie (and book), a group of kids on a summer adventure, go looking for a dead body rumored to be next the railroad tracks.  It is one of those events that shapes these kids and bonds them forever within this experience.  Its a great movie about growing up and the bonds of friendship as you grow up.

Today I got together with Steve-o and we went for a little bike ride adventure.  The big news around here this week was a MURDER in Cary.  Wow!!!  Start the media explosion.  A woman went missing last Saturday, and was found a couple days later, dead.  I know, blame the husband like WRAL and all of the other media… don’t get me started on that.  So, the home is really close to where Steve lives, and the place where the body was found is close to where a student is about to move, so it begged for some exploration.  We drove way back into the area where the bosy was found and saw it (not the body, sicko, where they found it… the body is long gone).  Then we drove by the house where she lived.  The family BMW is still in the driveway.  Not nearly as interesting as actually finding the dead body, but nevertheless, when you see the pictures of where they found the body, know that I was there, and saw it in person, 3 days after the fact.

I feel bad for the people who live in the house right next to where they found the body.  Man, they will have a tale to tell guests.  Don’t complain about the linens at their house.  Best part was catching up with Steve.  its the first time we have been able to get together in months, especially to ride.

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