Face it Farve

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Since I am taking the summer off of several things, including the things around here I usually bitch about, let’s look into Brett Farve’s decision to un-retire himself.  I respect the right anyone has to do what they want in their life.  The Packers are making a huge error in judgment here.  Farve wants to play…play him.  I just don’t see how this is that big of a deal.  Not to say that Brett is blameless.  He should not have announced retirement so soon, but, it is understandable why he did, so the Packers can use the draft effectively.

Well, they did, they got a really good quarterback prospect that would probably be challenging Rodgers for the starting job, if not this year, but certainly next year. Rodgers is just not that impressive.  SO, when Favre announces he wants in, why didn’t the Packers dump Rodgers IMMEDIATELY, throw Favre in and allow their new rookie to train under the best.  Sit on the bench? Farve is not a back-up.  He is a starter and a winner!!!!

Of course, Farve has not officailly applied for re-instatement as of yet.  So its all talk right now.  The guy never missed a game.  He is the Cal Ripken of football.  Start him in Green Bay.  He is your best chance to win!!!!

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