Hot June

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For those not around NC, you should know it feels like mid August around here.  Could hit 100 degrees.  I wont complain about that.  I would rather it be 100 than 35 any day.  It is just unusual for this time of year.  Sometimes it will get up to 90 and higher, but it doesn’t get to 100 til later in the summer.  Either way, I am now officially riding the bike virtually everywhere I need to go.  Unless I have to take things with me, its bike time.  I like having the newer bike.  It rides very smooth, but is really loud.  I will get the loud fixed when some money comes in.

It’s hard to tell if this was a good week or a bad one.  Certainly not as good as I have been having.  The schedule was light this week anyways, and I was going to get out of town and visit Pittsburgh, PA.   Last week, I had a serious toothache and went to get it taken care of.  The Dentist was rather good, and helped me find the cheapest solution, which was to replace the silver filling I had and patch the cavity behind the filling, then put in a new filling.  The pain has been lessening with each passing day and is pretty much cleared up today.  Never the less, the damage was done.  Summers are tight with money, and the tooth ordeal ate up my vacation money, so I didn’t go to Pittsburgh.

I have been taking care of lots of little things around here dealing with brass band, tubaband, and the usual stuff.  The transition into the Music Director position for the Triangle Brass band is going well, as best that I can tell.  The Board has met and we are working out some new policies and officially updating the document.  These things will help us operate more efficiently in the future, and help us to become a more professional outfit.  I do feel good about the transition and look forward to the annual general meeting in two weeks.  I have a lot to prepare for to be ready for that.  I am almost into the repertoire phase of planning, which is where it gets fun.

We are looking for a Business Manager that could volunteer to be basically an administrative aid to the President and myself.  To help us operate the band efficiently on the paper side and to take care of odds and ends that I don’t have time to do.  If someone wants the job, let me know.

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