Spring Cleaning

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Well, the house is just about ready for my parents to arrive.  I have to clean their bed sheets and put some clothes away, but other than that, the house is spic and span clean.  I have to say, I need to keep it clean like this.  I like the house when it is not so cluttered.  I have been so lazy and negligent in avoiding the pile up and accumulation of stuff.  Where does all of this crap come from?  Now, the joint is neat, but not organized.  Organizing my office and clothes and stuff will happen over the summer, and I will make an honest attempt at keeping things clean and organized forever.

On top of the four days of housework, we have lessons and brass band rehearsals.  Many alumni came Monday evening to TYBB rehearsal and we got a decent amount of work done.  I think this concert this weekend will be really good.  I am only stressed about having one rehearsal with the whole group together Friday night.  It will probably be for nothing (the worrying), but never the less, it is there.

So, my parents come into the airport tonight at almost midnight, which is a good time.  It gives me plenty of time to get some last second things worked out and ready for them.  The last time they were here, was the TYBB Alumni concert in May 2005.  They might think that the TYBB is a 70 piece brass band all of the time, not just these two concerts.  Hahaha. Either way, they are here for a week.  Since my step Mother is a night owl, and there is nothing to do here at night, and I wanted faster internet service, and I wanted a TV again, I bought a new TV and got cable/road runner in the house.  I was surprised that they got it hooked up in one day and everything works great.  It’s amazing.  Clean house, TV, fast internet, family in town, old timers coming oin town to play in brass band again… what could be better in life?

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