Rest of the Weekend

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 Saturday consisted of me doing gigs I really do not enjoy.  Graduation quintet jobs are the worst.  I am thankful to get some work, and to get some cash for playing them, but I can not lie and say I like doing it.  I also played with a quintet at the Sanderson HS Prom, as a favor for a friend.  I can not tell you how much I was NOT looking forward to this… but a friend is a friend, and I am sure I owe as much as anyone.  I was not really clear as to the purpose of this, but I was actually surprised that it was a really nice event.  It was 10 times more fun than any graduation gig, and everyone was really nice.  I am not used to being the 13th person called to play a gig these days, so sadly, they got stuck with Un-Lucky number 13 as their tuba player.   It turned out fine.

I got to ride the motorcycle around some this afternoon.  Awesome day for it.  It is loud, and I am afraid I will get arrested for it being too loud.  I must look into getting it silenced a bit.  The amount of stuff I have to do is huge, so I need to get busy.

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