Passing the Baton

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Last night, the Triangle Brass Band gave it’s farewell concert for Mike Votta.  Mike is moving to Maryland as the new Wind Ensemble director at the University of Maryland.  I think this is rather neat, myself, as his predecessor at UMCP, John Wakefield, was a clinician and judge for solo and ensemble festival which I did every year when I was in school growing up in MD.  Wakefield was also a friend of my Mother, who was a UMCP Music grad.  In addition, Dr. Richmond Sparkes is also on Faculty at UMCP, and he was a great inspiration to me as a youngster as he was the conductor for nearly all of the honors bands I participated in as a kid.

So, with Mike being shipped off to Maryland, the TBB picked me to replace him at the helm as Music Director of the TBB.  Mike gave me a very nice introduction and I came out and stumbled through a few words, and conducted the band through Amazing Grace.  I didn’t get a chance to rehearse it with them, so there were not tricks.  We just played it down, and it went very well.

The band sounded very good for the entire concert.  A very nice reception was set up at Sullivan’s Steakhouse on Glenwood Ave.  What a mess that area is at night.  parking is bad, and there are so many people.  I guess it is good that there are signs of life somewhere after 9 PM.  Hahaha.  All in all, it was a nice event.

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