Really? Clinton?

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The NC Governor just threw his support to Clinton because Obama would not debate her at the RBC center. What typical stupid political crap. Obama has a substantial lead in NC. Most will say because of the black population, but add in it the military population as well. I am sick of the Clinton’s, Bill, Chelsea and Hilary, all splitting up and trying to cover more ground. We are not voting for Bill or Chelsea. Hilary is on the ticket. Why do they need to be going their separate places to campaign for her?

Since 1980, this country has been run my Bush’s and Clinton’s. This is worse than the Kennedy’s, which I would have loved to have seen more of, actually. It is time for us to go a different path. We are so screwed up now because of the Bush currently in office, it is hard to really get a grasp on it, and it is infuriating.

It is simple. NO ONE has the right experience to be president. There is no training ground for the job. You elect someone who can adapt, and has high intelligence and good people skills. Obama has that. I would rather have some one in the White House now that has NO experience at all, than what we have now. Obama is our guy. McCainis more of the same, and Clinton can not solve our foreign policy issues that are seemingly insurmountable at the present. Phone calls at 3 AM? Give me a break.

Reverend Wright? Give me a break. This is a non issue. This is the old guard political tracks finding a way to make John Kerry anything BUT a war hero and veteran. It is the same old crap, and I am sick of it. Obama will be a fantastic President. He will be a great replacement for the Bush F up for 8 years. He can be voted out in 4 years if he doesn’t do what he says, which is change. Why are people so upset about the good Reverends comments? because he is RIGHT, and we know it. Yes, Americans have plenty to be ashamed of. Me included.

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