Sleep, please

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Man, I can not sleep.  I tried.  I went to bed around 10 PM, and listened to some Mahler 3 for a bit.  I was tired then, but now I am wide awake.  I have a million things racing through my mind right now, and most of it is stuff I can not take care of for a while, so I wish it would get the heck out of my head.  Here is a list of things I must work on this week:

  • Summer TubaBand PR to the band directors
  • July 4th Brass Band
  • TYBB/TYBE Concert PR, Personnel, Music, tickets, percussion
  • TYBB Listening help
  • Summer lesson schedule
  • Final week at NCCU- Juries and Grades
  • Pay bills:  It is insurance month
  • Get motorcycle license renewed

Some of this stuff is easy and fast to do.  Some of it is a major work project.  This month will be similar to the last few.  I feel like my head is being held underwater and I rarely get a chance to breathe.  most of the pressure I bring on myself in the form of not wanting to screw any logistical planning.  I have to train myself to better organized and more on top of things.

So, the weekend in review.  I was in Wilmington, NC  playing a concert with the symphony (WSO) down there.  This is the third concert I have played with them this season, and I had fun times doing the gig.  its really easy.  Spend the night and afternoon hanging out in Wilmington, do a rehearsal and a concert.  I like the one rehearsal and a concert gigs.  not knowing anything about the orchestra when I took these gigs, I was amazed to find out that the WSO concerts are very well attended.  Full house every time.

I play the Wilmington run outs with North Carolina Symphony quite often, it seems, and they are well attended as well.  What I am guessing, is that there is market for orchestral music there, but I wonder if it is enough to support something more than once a month.  The WSO plays a concert a month, an throw in a few NCS concerts here and there throughout the season, and I bet they get their fill.  So, the WSO announced their upcoming season this weekend, and they have a sweet looking brochure.  Why is it sweet, you ask?  Because my photogenic tuba playing mug is on it. Really.  I play their once and get caught on camera doing it and straight into the advertisements.  Shoes what a large shiny object can do.

Playing the gig allows me the opportunity to do two things that I don’t get to do enough.  One is watch TV, which I do not do because I don’t have TV.  The other is to just think, and work shit out in my head.  i drove around a bit, and explored Wrightsville Beach, which is a kickass little town on the ocean.  If I could, I would live there year round.  If the WSO would pay a tuba player $20 grand, I would do it.  For Sure.  that’s all it would take.

Yeah, well, that’s about it for the weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do much work on other things that are in the pipeline to get done, which is now causing the minor insomnia, which will go away as soon as I get into a project, but I will be too tired to complete.  Damn it.

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