Week ending

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OK, it has been a long week, lot’s of stuff going on.  Here are the highlights…

Last weekend was the performances for the Britten War Requiem with every singer in Durham.  Two performances in Duke Chapel with a big orchestra and huge choir.  The performances went really well.   I was not really all that excited about playing it, but once it was show time I proved to be worth the time to be there, for sure.

Brass band on Monday evening was a little rough, as we are working on new music.  The music is very hard and prep work was not really done.  It is going to be a long month if this doesn’t change very soon.  one thing is for sure, the music for this concert is F’ing cool.

Tuesday I drove to Greenville to see a recital performed by Jesse Rackley.  It was half euphonium and half trombone and he did a nice job on both.  I am happy I got some time to do this.

Wednesday and Thursday were both jammed with lessons, both at NCCU and at home.  Friday I ran some errands.  I completed all of the little tasks I needed to get my application to UK processed, had my truck inspected (yes, it should have been done in January), and washed some clothes.  This evening I will drive to Wilmington to play with the Wilmington Symphony.  Rehearsal and performance on Saturday…

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