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When I left UK in 1999, I was planning to transfer the remaining credits I needed to graduate form schools here in NC.  UK had a rule that made this impossible (in their eyes).  It was a stupid rule (30 of the last 36 hours had to be completed on campus in Lexington), and the university now is making it possible for me to finish my degree through satellite and internet courses and transfer from institutions here in NC.

The university contacted me to make me aware of this new program, and I jumped at the chance.  I had the officials there go through my record and see what I need to do and it seems like it will all work out.   I sent in my application, and had to take care of a few looses ends from a long time ago.  I owed some money, which I did not know about, and they needed an updated address statement, and there was a library hold on my account.  Because of the length of time, they erased it, but the fact is, I had already turned the items in way back in 1996.  I was still going to classes for three years after this, so I was amazed that there was a hold on my account at all.  it would have prevented me from registering for classes.

Well, I think that all of the hoops have been leaped through, and my application to get into this program can progress, and I should be able to start in the fall with getting this all done.  It could take 3 or 4 years to complete the 30 hours, but I will do it, and have my degree in a little while.  Here’s to finishing unfinished business.

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