Nice Day for a Drive

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Today was very long, but enjoyable or sure. I drove out to Sparta, NC, which is one mountain away from Mt. Pilot, about a three hour drive from home. North Carolina Symphony Kiddie show… easy work, pretty day for a drive, especially in the mountains. Six hours in the car wore me out, and I went to TYBE and rehearsed them, so it was a looooong day. I was on brass band duty tonight because Caldwell covered for me last night, as I had a Britten War requiem rehearsal in Durham.

I had fun doing the band rehearsal. I wish I could do that more with the brass ensemble, and get to know those kids more. I really like working with them. And kids in general, especially in the brass bands. My time just doesn’t allow it, and its important for Caldwell to do that band his way, and be what he wants it to be. He is doing a great job at it. I am happy that the brass ensemble is improving and getting stronger and should be a continuing group in the future.

Last night I filed my taxes. Man, I hate taxes. We NEED the fair Tax, and soon.

The rest of the week is jammed, so I am going to get some rest, as I think I got most everything off my plate for a day or so.

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