Life is Good…

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I am not the bragging type, and I won’t do that here…I just have a warning…

The last month or two have been pretty darn amazing.  So many good things have been going my way lately.  The gigs have been pretty decent, most notably the week I did with the NC Symphony which had me playing the Young Person’s Concert.  It had a really big tuba solo in it, which I got a bit of recognition for, including solo bows on both shows.  It started with that. Then my Triangle Brass Band audition came and I felt really good about it.  The Brass band selected me as their new Music Director.  I actually won something.  It’s not an orchestral job, but I did win something I wanted, and earned. I also have been enjoying the congratulations I have been getting for this.  I am not an egotist, I don’t think, but it really does feel good to see that people are happy that this came my way and I will be doing this.

The youth band tours went off without a hitch.  These tours taxed me a bit i the planning stages.  They were a lot of work, and I was so worried I missed a detail or two, and screwed something up ROYALLY,  Luckily I did not (or no one has mentioned anything to me about something I did), and everyone had a great experience on their trips.  Add this to two very successful concerts, back in February with Doug Yeo, and the latest one in March with just the youth bands.  The band played great, had a great audience, and went off according to plans.

AAAAAND… to top it all off, I DOMINATED the NCAA Tournament Pool.  Granted I did not win 1st place, however, I was in 1st place nearly the entire month, and that included being in 1st after the final four when my champion pick lost.  I won second on the tie breaker (I was of by only 1 point) and I did not even have the championship team as my pick to win it all.  OK, yeah, I am bragging about this.  Eat it.

You are wondering now, all this crap and where is the warning?  Well, if all of this wonderful stuff is happening to me lately, look out.  The sky is going to fall.  Something catastrophic is about to happen.  Hopefully to someone other than me Hahahaa.  Good fortune comes in waves, and I am riding the peak right now.  Summer is right around the corner, and I will be in the bottom of that one.  Summer sucks around here because there is no money available to do anything but survive.  I need to work on that, and I am slowly going to.  It has been a very good year.  Very busy.  Depression should not be lingering around.  Maybe its time to get rid of it.  Maybe it is possible.

I really hate winter.  I really like Summer, and spring and fall, until it gets cold and dead.  The next half year should be great if it continues to go like the last few months…only warmer.

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