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It’s Friday.  I am  getting over my cold, which will probably linger for a few weeks, but I was well enough to venture out.  I went to NCCU to teach some make up lessons.  Didn’t get much accomplished there, only one student showed up, and I canceled another one because I had other things to do and I didn’t want to wait around.  He is still waiting to get a book I asked him to order a long time ago, so we have nothing really to work on anyways.  So, I left and went to the Apple store to get an earphone adapter for my iPhone, and I gave in and got Sim City4 for Mac.  I played this on my PC and I like it, so now I can waste my summer doing this instead of watching TV.

Next, I needed to get an oil change in my truck, so I did that.  Come to find out, I needed a new battery, which I new was coming and asked them to check into.  My truck is a 2001, and the battery in it was the original battery.  Thats what I call good battery life.  I know that as soon as I start to brag about how well this truck has been holding up, it will start to fall apart, so I won’t.  I am just lucky it does so well.  I own it, and it seems to want to last a while, even though I backed it into my carport and ripped the passenger side mirror off.  Stupid!!!  I can not believe I did that.  Doh!!!

Tonight the Triangle Wind Ensemble has a concert and I will go to it.  I am looking forward to the weather staying warm like it is today so I can start to use my motorcycle more frequently now.  I will wash all of the yellow pollen off of it tomorrow.  It has a think coat on it now, but I am going to take a nap this afternoon before the concert.

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