Doh, a Deer

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So, when I arrived home after rehearsal Tuesday night, there was a family of deer hanging out in my front yard, and they were huge.  They saw the headlights from my truck, and looked puzzled.  I beeped my horn to remind them that they don’t own the yard, and to move along, which they had no problem doing.  this is the second time I have encountered deer in Cary, in the yard.  I have no problem with it, it is just a little strange to see.  I like that my yard is a wild animal kingdom.  I even got video of two squirrels doin IT in the front yard.  It was hilarious.

The hotel we are staying at in PA would not take our check to pay for the rooms.  They would not take a credit card, either, without a ton of hassle.  Plan C has been enacted, but I was kind of looking forward to Plan D, which was to fill up a tuba case with $3,000 worth of pennies and pay for the rooms in CASH.  What a ridiculous run around this was this week.  I feel very bad for our treasurer who was awesome in helping to get this worked out.  Above and Beyond, Stan… Thank you.

The Triangle Youth Brass band goes on tour Thursday Morning.  it will be a wonderful time.  I will tell you all about it when I get back, or, maybe some while we are away.

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