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The TYBE is on their way home from Louisville, KY right now.  They went there to play, watch, learn and bond.  Brass band trips are always a lot of fun, and I am a little bummed I did not make this trip.  With going on the TYBB trip this week, and the chance to play Carmina Burana, I felt I needed to stick around while they went.  It was an easier decision knowing that Jon Caldwell is so capable.  He does a really good job with that group.  I just like going to NABBA and hearing all of the great brass bands play.  I missed it.

The TYBE, by all accounts, did a really good job.  That group is growing fast, and making a nice reputation for itself, and I could not be prouder.  The trip ran smoothly, which tends to be the norm.  I look forward to seeing them all when they get back.  I will meet the bus when it arrives.

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