Carmina Burana

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Last night was the concert for Carmina Burana with the Tar River Orchestra and Chorus.  We did two rehearsals and pulled it off quite nicely.  Al Sturgis (NC Master Chorale and Carolina Ballet) conducted and did a fine job.  The crowd was small but appreciative.  I wonder if doing more orchestral concerts there in Rocky Mount would garner more interest in the public coming to see it.

This was the first time I have played Carmina Burana.  I really like the tune, and it was fun to figure out some of the odd things the tuba has to do in this, like octave E leaps and octave D leaps above the staff.  It is also a test to sustain long and loud, and to provide some serious downbeats, which I did.

One of these days I will get this tune arranged for brass band.   This would be fun to do and also a big challenge for any band.

I won’t be playing tuba much for a couple weeks.  TYBB goes on tour this week, so I will be spending a lot of time working that out.  IN April I have a Britten War Requiem to play that I am looking forward to.

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