NCCU Sousa Saga

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As Instructor of Tuba and Baritone (yeah, I know) at North Carolina Central University, I have heard about the sousaphone theft at the school.  There has been a little talk from my students about it over the past semester, but i do not really have a lot of details about it, and I surely did not take them myself.  There was an article on the N & O today, which is prompting the discussion about the situation.  The whole thing is rather amazing to me.  Where the heck are you going to find someone to take 14 state owned sousaphones off your hands?  Why not take them in the cases?  I bet there is a crew of some disgruntled NCCU band members from the past, or s fraternity prank pulled by a competing band at the Honda Classic.    I just don’t know how you would hide 14 sousas.  Not a smart crime.  I hope the band gets the issue resolved.

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